Nickel Iron


Production Introduction

Nickel iron is an alloy of nickel and iron that contains carbon, silicon, phosphorus and other elements. In the steel industry as additive alloy elements, the bending strength and hardness of the steel can be improved, in the cast iron can make its uniform structure, density, also can be used as a nickel or nickel chrome cast iron roll and other casting alloy additives.

Nickel iron nickel content is 20% – 60% of the nickel alloy, nickel iron melting point is 1430-1480 degrees, the density of 8.1 8.4. The main components in nickel iron nickel and iron, and contains a small amount of cobalt alloy. Mineral fracture jagged, not common, in order to block, granular aggregate output, iron gray, dark gray or black iron ash, stripe, opaque, fresh like metallic luster. Nickel iron also contains carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus, chromium, copper and other impurities. Mainly used for steel and cast iron nickel additives. According to the international standard (ISO) nickel iron nickel content is divided into FeNi20 Ni (15% ~ 25%), FeNi30 Ni (25% ~ 35%), FeNi40 Ni (35% ~ 45%) and FeNi50 Ni (45% ~ 60%). Again divided into high carbon (C) (1.0% ~ 2.5%, the carbon (C) (0.030% ~ 1.0% and low carbon (< 0.03% C); Low phosphorus (P < 0.02%) and high phosphorus (< 0.030% P) nickel and iron. Liquid and solid, nickel and iron in any proportion dissolve each other. Jagged fracture, this mineral is not common to block, granular aggregate output. Iron ash, dark grey or black, iron gray streaks. Opaque, fresh like metallic luster.

Company Information

Anyang Xiangheng Metal Materials Co., located in anyang, the historical and cultural capital of China.For many years, we have been engaged in the sale of silicon metal for aluminum plant, silicon metal for chemical industry, metallurgical auxiliary materials for steelmaking and refractory materials.

Through the continuous improvement of production ability, research ability and work closely with customers, we not only provide qualified products, also provide satisfactory design, solution and the best service and timely delivery. We believe you will find that the Xiangheng become a reliable supplier for you.

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