Tin Pellet


Product Description

Tin particles generally refer to tin flux. Tin flux is used as flux when burning samples in carbon and sulfur analysis. It can be used in tubular furnace, arc ignition furnace and high-frequency induction combustion furnace, which has the function of reducing melting point, accelerating sample combustion and stirring.

Tin metal

Tin is a silvery-white and soft metal, which is very similar to lead and zinc, but looks brighter. Its hardness is relatively low, and you can cut it with a knife. It has good ductility, especially at a temperature of 100°C, and can be spread into very thin tin foil, which can be as thin as 0.04 mm or less in thickness.

Company Information

Anyang Xiangheng Metal Materials Co., Ltd.is located in anyang, the historical and cultural capital of China.For many years, we have been engaged in the sale of silicon metal for aluminum plant, silicon metal for chemical industry, metallurgical auxiliary materials for steelmaking and refractory materials.

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