Vanadium-Nitrogen Alloy

Vanadium-nitrogen alloy is a new alloy additive which can be used in the production of microalloyed steel instead of iron vanadium. The addition of vanadium nitride to steel can improve the comprehensive mechanical properties such as strength, toughness, ductility and thermal fatigue resistance, and make the steel have good weldability. At the same strength, vanadium nitride can save 30-40% of vanadium addition, thus reducing the cost.

Details Information

Vanadium – nitrogen alloy has more effective grain strengthening and refining than iron vanadium. Save the amount of vanadium added, vanadium nitrogen alloy can save 20-40% vanadium compared with iron vanadium under the same strength condition. Vanadium and nitrogen yield is stable, reducing the performance fluctuation of steel. Easy to use, less loss. High strength moisture-proof packaging, can be directly into the furnace. Uses Vanadium-nitrogen alloy can be used in structural steel, tool steel, pipe steel, rebar and cast iron. The application of vanadium and nitrogen alloy in high strength and low alloy steel can carry out effective vanadium and nitrogen microalloying at the same time, promote the precipitation of carbon, vanadium and nitrogen compounds in steel, and play the role of sedimentation strengthening and grain refining more effectively.

Products Chemical Composition

VN12 77~81 10.0~<14.0 ≤10.0 ≤0.06 ≤0.06
VN16 >14.0~18.0 ≤6.0



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