Silicon Aluminum Iron Alloy

Advantages introduction: Si-Al-Fe alloy is a kind of composite strong deoxidizer. The utilization rate of Si-Al-Fe alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum alone as deoxidizer in the ironmaking process.


Silicon-aluminum-iron alloy is a kind of composite strong deoxidizer. The use of silicon-aluminum-iron alloy in the ironmaking process has a higher utilization rate than pure aluminum alone as a deoxidizer. , has the effect of pure molten steel to improve the quality of steel. In addition to being used as a deoxidizer, SiAlFe alloys can also be used in the production of aerospace vehicles and auto parts. SiAlFeAlloy SiAlFe alloy is a strong deoxidizer and a reducing agent for the production of other metals and alloys. It is also used in aluminothermic welding, the manufacture of exothermic agents and explosives. There are no national standards and ministry standards for the technical conditions of Si-Al-Fe alloys. The technical conditions of a company’s product (composite deoxidizer for steelmaking) are introduced in the table.

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