Silicon barium alloy

Advantages introduction: silicon-barium alloy is widely used in steelmaking, steel casting, and foundry industry.

Silicon barium alloy is widely used in steelmaking, steel casting, and foundry industry. It is a high-efficiency, long-acting, deoxidizing agent, and has the effect of desulfurization and dephosphorization. It is especially suitable for large thin-walled parts, uneven wall thicknesses and thin and small quenched parts Casting, can be used to improve the quality of castings.



1. The inoculant is suitable for gray cast iron and ductile iron, and can promote the formation of “A” type graphite into graphite nodules.

2. It can nucleate in a wide temperature range, has strong spheroidization ability and anti-recession ability, and can effectively prevent the tendency of casting white mouth.

3. The deoxidation effect is relatively thorough, which is better than other deoxidation alloying agents. The addition amount is 35-50% of 75# ferrosilicon.


1. When the silicon-barium alloy containing 105-35% barium is used as a deoxidizer for steelmaking, the utilization rate is high and the desulfurization ability is strong, which is better than the silicon-calcium alloy.

2. After the addition of silicon-barium alloy, it can make important changes in the nature and distribution characteristics of non-metallic inclusions in steelmaking.

3. Adding appropriate amount of silicon-barium alloy to steel can improve the plasticity and toughness at high temperature and low temperature, and silicon-barium iron is more effective for improving the cold resistance of steel.

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